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Our Dogs - Timmie

Individual info:

Timmie was the only male in a litter of 5. He is the kind of dog that is very much aware of what is going on around him. He is careful and does not jump into trouble. He is open with people and the rest of the pack. His gait is smooth and efficient.

A Rookie on the race team in 2016, ran and finished Vildmarksracet 8-dog class as best team overall, Polardogchampionships MD Unlimited,

WSA European Championships LD 300 km.

Though too young to be a leader yet, we have high hopes for him in the future.

Timmie av Vargevass

Sex: Male

Born: 23 July 2014

Sire: Puak av Vargevass

Dam: Babe (av Viddahusky)

Status: Main team member



1/5 with Arktisk Storm Kahlo, June 2016: Evens, Chuvan


50 years in 2015

Thanks to our athletes!

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