VARGEVASS Siberian Huskies




Pamuk and his sire Thor.

Right: Molly and her brother Bo.

Leaders Pamuk and Molly having a blast.


On 3rd of June, Finnmark 500 finisher Molly av Vargevass gave birth to 6 males and 1 female.

Sire is Pamuk av Vargevass. The four males Sioux, Amur, Mohawk and Kerek are staying at our kennel.

Molly joined a small team in Sweden/Austria together with her son Yakut in September 2016 where she will be teaching them the traits of the mushing trade.


On 1st of June,WSA EC 2016 leader Arkstisk Storm Kahlo gave birth to 1 male and 5 females.

Sire is Timmie av Vargevass. Son Evens and daughter Chuvan are staying at our kennel.

Kahlo joined together with her daughter Aleut a young family whose intention is to built up a small team over time.

In 2017 we consider to breed Olive aVv. and/or Pippi av Vv.

Male not yet decided.


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