Puppy plans 2019

When nature cooperates, we plan to breed our main racing leader Olive with boisterous, tough and enduring youngster Chase av Vargevass.


With this breeding we combine two very lively and happy individuals. Olive has been one of the main race leaders since she was a yearling. She is a lovely personality who gets along well with all team members is and is extremely popular with the pack. In the team, she is probably our fastest member. She has great feet and good appetite. Olive is the type of dog who inspires the entire team when she runs lead. A characteristic that comes down via her grandfather Mørkki av Vargevass. Olive is a national working champion and placed 6th on Femundløpet of 2017, running in lead the entire race.


Planned breeding partner Chase is a young male who is the result of an outrcross breeding we did in 2017. He is developing very well and is showing us already now great endurance and stamina. Although a rookie on the team, he never seems to be tired after a long run, yet is working very hard and has good speed. He is a very medium size boy, has good gait and enormous appetite. He is a tough headed boy who needs to be put in place at times, which he accepts.


Both Olive and Chase have been eye-tested and gonioscoped and found free.