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Our Dogs - Puak - Abel - Olive

Individual info:

Puak is like a spitting image of his dad Kvitten; white with blue eyes and equal sized. Puak is 2 years older than Olive and Abel. Like all of Noal kids they are shaped by rough play in their upbringing.

Puak is a sweetheart in the pack, and in the team a very hardworking and concentrated leader who always gives his best and more. He is one of our main leaders. His only bad habits is that he loves to roll in the snow with every stop and he is terrible afraid of the loudspeakers and crowds at races.


Races Puak:

2013 Amundsen300, Open, 12/20, Best SH team

2014 Swedish SH club champ. 6 dog sprint 2/11

2015 Vildmarksracet 120, PB, 3/8, 8-dog

2015 Tobacco Trail 300, LDU Open 3/13

Silver medal Swedish Championships Open LDU

Bronze medal Scandinavian Open Championships

Best SH Team 1/3 - Puak dropped after 240 km.

2015 IFSS World Championships LD Nordic Breed

Gold medal 1/9 - 8 dog class Finnmark 500 15/76



Abel is quite much taller than his dad Kvitten and the tallest dog in the kennel. He has great strength and good movement. He is an easy going member of the pack who has to withstand a lot of rough play from the adults. He shares his kennel with baby Timmie who he is happy to boss around with feeding time. He is showing great potential in the team and has been at lead with his mum Noal several times on short runs of 20 km.


Olive is smaller than her mum Noal, but has a very big ego. She is incredible energetic and similar to her mum likes to play rough which especially her brother Abel and baby Timmie have to endure. In the team she is already very concentrated and has been leading the 16-dog mainstring together with her mum at numerous training runs. It seems she is a natural born leader, just like her mum.

Puak - Abel - Olive

av Vargevass

Males: Puak, Abel

Female: Olive

Born: 24 April 2011 Puak

20 Nov 2013 Abel, Olive

Sire: Kvitten av Vargevass

Dam: Noal av Vargevass

Puak: Main team member

Abel & Olive: Yearlings



Offspring Puak

1/4 with Babe (Viddashusky) in July 2014, a.o. Timmie


50 years in 2015

Thanks to our athletes!

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