VARGEVASS Siberian Huskies

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This trio born summer 2013 were harness broken in March 2014 and are in their first season on the mainstring winter 2014-2015. All three are working particularly concentrated and steady for their age. We have high hopes for all three of them as lead dogs, just like both of their parents. Dam Janneke has been our best command leader for a number of years, now residing at Anadyr kennels in Alaska and Thor is one of our present main leaders.


In temperament Pamuk has taken much after his sire Thor and grand sire Dante, which means he has high self esteem and likes to show off. In harness he is very powerful and effective. When pausing the team, he leans into his harness holding out the line.

Pippi is a very independant and lively character. She is the cheerleader of the team and driving up the pace.

Tom Poes loves human attention, but is a bit insecure with the rest of the pack. She is a very speedy girl.

Pamuk, Tom Poes and Pippi av Vargevass

Male: Pamuk

Female: Pippi, Tom Poes

Born: 9 July 2013

Sire: WCh Thor av Vargevass

Dam: Janneke av Vargevass

Status: Main team rookies

50 years in 2015

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