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Nathani was the only living puppy from a litter of two.Being raised as only puppy gave her some privileges. Her mom Iden has been very patient and gentle with her, but aunt Babe has put her in her place at times. Nathani likes to run and loves her food. She is very affectionate and happy and is a great sister to the youngest members. We will harness break her in winter 2016/2017, but she has been running lose with the team and she is showing great promise in speed. She loves to run up front with the leaders and is very keen to listen.

Nathani av Vargevass

Sex: Female

Born: 22 March 2016

Sire: Pamuk av Vargevass

Dam: Iden (av Viddahusky)

Status: Puppy


50 years in 2015

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