VARGEVASS Siberian Huskies

Our Dogs - Nathan & Barney

About Nathan:

Has been the tractor and main leader of the team for years until his retirement in 2010. A very reliable and serious leader; focused and self confidenced. Nathan led the team from start to finish in the 1000 km. Finnmarksløpet in 2006 as well as many other races.

A natural born leader, both in the team and in the pack. A dog with great dignity and pride.


About Barney:

Finished every race he entered. Like his brother, he has been a very reliable and serious member of the team, a good leader and happy personality. Another outstanding member of the pack.


2004 Femund600, Open, 16/39, Only SH team.

2004 Polar Distans 300, Purebred, 1/13

2005 Femund500, Open, 12/42, Best SH team of 4

2005 Polar Distans 300, Purebred, 1/9

2006 Finnmark1000, Open, 13/23 record SH time today

2007 Femund600, Open, 10/32 Best SH team of 5.

2007 Polar Distans300, Purebred, 1/6

2009 Amundsen400, Open, 14/48, Best SH team of 6.

Extra races of Barney:

2008 WSA Championships 8-dog sprint, leader young dog team. 5/17

2008 Polar Distans160, Purebred, 1/15 Barney lead.

Nathan av Vargevass

Barney av Vargevass

Sex: Males

Born: 19 June 2001

Sire: Ukko av Vargevass

Dam: Elvira av Vargevass

Status: Retired


Offspring Nathan

2/0 with Bebles av Vargevass

4/1 with Ch. Isa av Vargevass

6/2 with Ch. Isa av Vargevass

2/4 with Ulva av Vargevass


Offspring Barney

5/2 with Ulva av Vargevass

50 years in 2015

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