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About Erasmus

It took a while for Erasmus and his brothers to grow up and mature, but after three years he has become a great force on the team. In 2015, he started and finished the Finnmark500 and won the gold medal in the IFSS championships for long distance Nordic Breed. In 2016, he ran and finished Vildmarksracet


2016 Vildmarksracet 120, PB 1/10, 8-dog best time

2016 Polar Distans 300, PB 1/7, 10-dog in 12-dog cl.

2015 Vildmarksracet 120, PB, 2/8, 8-dog

2015 Tobacco Trail 300, LDU Open 3/13

Silver medal Swedish Championships Open LDU

Bronze medal Scandinavian Open Championships

Best SH Team 1/3

2015 IFSS World Championships LD Nordic Breed

Gold medal 1/9 - 8 dog class Finnmark 500 15/76

Voltaire and Erasmus

2015 Beaver Trap 350 Open LDL 3/3 team Kim Dulk

Only Lorentz in team, dropped after 175 km.


Lorentz joined a small team in Italy, August 2015 and is running lead.

Voltaire joined a small team in France, January 2016 and is running lead.

Erasmus av Vargevass

Sex: Male

Born: 26 July 2012

Sire: Ch. Dante

Dam: Arktisk Storm Zelly

Status: Main team member



50 years in 2015

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