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Individual info:

Sisters Babe and Iden came to us as 9 weeks old studfee puppies. These two are full of life and instincts probably because they were on a moose hunt at the age of 6 months. In the team they are definitely the best pacesetters, always driving up the speed. Their strong prey drive make them great point dogs, but not very safe leaders. We blame their hunting expedition for this as their sire Nathan is the most safe and reliable leader to think of.

Both girls are rather small, but their drive makes up for their size. Both are very smooth movers.

Both girls are very talkative, with Babe being a little guard dog at times, a trait she inherited from her grand mum Al. Chanel of Anadyr.


Babe got a litter of 4 females and 1 male in July 2014 of which we kept male Timmie.

Iden got daughter Nathani with Pamuk V. in March 2016.



2012 Polar dog champ. Purebred 2/5 after Karsten

2013 Vildmarksracet120, Purebred 1/10 12-dog Iden

2013 Vildmarksracet120, Purebred, 1/11 8-dog Babe

2013 Amundsen300, 12/20, Best SH team

2013 PolarDistans300, 1/6

2014 Swedish SH club champ. 2/11 6 dog sprint Babe

2015 Vildmarksracet 120, PB, 2/8, 8-dog - Iden team E.

2015 Vildmarksracet 120, PB, 3/8, 8-dog - Babe team K.

2015 IFSS World Championships LD Nordic Breed

Gold medal 1/9 - 8 dog, Finnmark 500 15/76 - Iden

2015 Beaver Trap 350 - Open LDL - Babe

2016 Polar Distans 300-WSA World Championship LD

2016 Polar Dog Championships MD - Iden



2012 Norwegian SH club specialty. 1. Intermediate class, Exc./CK, judge A. Koops (UK) - Iden

Babe & Iden

(av Viddashusky)

Sex: Female

Born: 6 September 2010

Breeder: L. Herleiksplass (N)

Sire: Nathan av Vargevass

Dam: Carillo Speed Up

Status: Main team members


Offspring Babe

1/4 with Puak av Vargevass in July 2015, a.o. Timmie


Offspring Iden

0/1 with Pamuk av Vargevass

March 2016, Nathani

50 years in 2015

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