VARGEVASS Siberian Huskies

Winner of IFSS Long Distance World Championships for Nordic Breed & Best Dog Care Award in Finnmark 500 in 2015. WSA Champion Long Distance 2016, 2017 and

6th. pl. in Femundløpet 400 of 2017

Vargevass is a Scandinavian kennel of FCI Siberian Huskies. Established in 1965 by Karsten Grønås and joined by Eveline Koch from the Netherlands in 2001.

Our philosophy is to breed typical Siberian Huskies who are fit for function. Able to do the job they were intended for, as described in the breed standard. Performance and type matters!


From the first litter in 1969 producing Karsten's first team, the dogs have always been raced in sled dog competitions. For the first twenty five years mainly in sprint, followed by mid distance/stage races and since 2000 distance racing. Highlights are a.o. winning Pirena in 1998, 3. place in Femundløpet of 2001, 10. pl. in 2007 and finishing Europe's longest sled dog race; the 1000 km. Finnmarksløpet in 2006 at age 67 as the oldest competitor to finish the race and setting the fastest time for a Siberian Husky team until this date .

In 2015, the team set off to the north of Norway again with Eveline driving the Finnmark500, representing Sweden in the nordic breed class of the IFSS world championships long distance. The team won the gold medal in the championships and were 15th overall of 76 starting teams. Their time of 2 days and 10 hours is the fastest time for a Siberian Husky team in the history of the race. In addition, Eveline won the Best Dog Care Award which is awarded among the top 20 ranked mushers.


During summer, we attend few dog shows and have made several dogs up to Swedish and Norwegian conformation champions.

Karsten is a FCI conformation judge for the four sled dog breeds. He has judged breed specialty shows in numerous European countries as well as Crufts 2014.

Having 50 years experience with the breed and the sled dog sport in all disciplines, he gives sporadically seminars in Scandinavia and abroad upon request.

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50 years in 2015

Thanks to our athletes!

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